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It's that time of the year, where days are getting longer and the sun is getting hotter and we want to get better at volleyball! Come join PAC Sand where players will work on agility, technical skills, team skills, and overall become the best volleyball players that they can be! Beach Volleyball is a great way to hone individual skills, all which are completely transferable to the indoor game!

Open to all players of all skill level, age and gender. There will be multiple courts going so each player can receive the individual attention they need to grow their game!

Head Coach: Nick Amado

Cost: $300 for 6 sessions or 60$ per session

If paying per session, please email

Location: Rosie's Dog Beach, Long Beach, California, 90803

Dates: July 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th

Time: 8-10am



Pinnacle Families!

We are happy to introduce that we are now moving into Girls Volleyball with our very own U14s and U12s teams! Please contact Nick Amado ( for more information. We look forward to training the next generation of female volleyball players to becoming the best they can be.

Here are our Girls U14s & U12s Training Dates 

We are excited to get back in the gym and offer a training regiment for all athletes to improve their game and be prepared as best they can for the 2021-22 tryouts


Location: These training will take place on the Long Beach State Campus in the Goldmine gym or the East gym (pending on the date)


Training Coaching Staff:

-Nick Amado: Introducing our newest addition to our Pinnacle Athletic Club Family! Nick Amado will be joining the Long Beach State Men's Volleyball Coaching Staff this season.  Nick won 2 NCAA National Championships on the court, played professionally overseas, and has coached multiple juniors teams to open medals.  We are lucky to have Nick a part of our family and excited to where he will help take us! 


-We will have Long Beach State current athletes at positional clinics to coach too


Masks: Right now on campus there is mask mandate while indoors, so please prepare in advance to wear a mask


Cost: $20 per session via Venmo



DATES: Our club calendar will be updated


Wednesday September 22: GOLDMINE

*5:00-6:30pm:Girls U14s & U12s Pre-Tryout Clinics

Monday September 27th: GOLDMINE

*5:00-6:30pm: Girls U14s & U12s Pre-Tryout Clinics

Wednesday September 29th: Goldmine

*5:00-6:30pm:Girls U14s & U12s Pre-Tryout Clinic


October 2nd & 3rd 8-10am U14s and U12s Tryouts

Will be held in the Goldmine at Long Beach State University

We will have a tryout registration link sent as we get closer

At Pinnacle Athletic Club, we have collaborated together to bring our student-athletes every tool to grow as a successful human in the world.  

Our volleyball coaches will teach/coach the top mechanics/systems used by NCAA championship teams.  We aim to build individual athletic and team performance through all around training mechanisms. 

To accomplish this, we have partnered with AIM Sports Group to provide Strength and Conditioning, Nutritional information, and Video feedback to help our athletes excel. 


PAC Masterclass

Introducing PAC Masterclass, a way for athletes to take their skills to the next level. PAC Masterclass offers an array of coaches that are available for private 1 on 1 lessons, or small group lessons. If interested in coaches, rates and times, please contact Coach Nick Amado at


Club Email


Pinnacle Athletic Club

Phone: 949-395-3079