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Direction to Goldmine Gym

When coming up or down Atherton St, you going to turn on to Merriam Way into the Long Beach State Campus. Continue on Merriam Way until you turn left in parking lot E1. You are going to go through the parking lot until you come up onto Brotman Hall. Turn left on Brotman Dr and follow the road around the building. Once there you will see parking lot E2, which is where you will park your car. After getting out, you will see the Goldmine Gym. The front of the Goldmine Gym has a ticket booth and the doors will be open. 

Address: Goldmine Gym, Health and Human Services 1, Long Beach, CA 90815


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PAC Masterclass

Introducing PAC Masterclass, a way for athletes to take their skills to the next level. PAC Masterclass offers an array of coaches that are available for private 1 on 1 lessons, or small group lessons. If interested in coaches, rates and times, please contact Coach Nick Amado at


Club Email


Pinnacle Athletic Club

Phone: 949-395-3079